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Air cleaning

 AddCat develops products to clean air based on the combination of 3D printing of metals and catalytic oxidation. The first module is able to remove more than 95% of the odour components from polluted air. AddCat is able to do this process in an efficient and effective way, making the product widely applicable in various industries and suitable for the treatment of large volumes of polluted air. The use of a catalyst converts the odor components at a relatively low temperature into harmless and odorless components.

Advantages 3DP

Due to the 3D printing technique of metal, reactor structures with a high thermal conductivity are realized. By recovering the energy released from the reactor, the catalysis process is energy efficient. The innovative reactor structure with large surface area and low pressure drop further ensures a very efficient conversion in a small reactor volume.

By using 3D printing techniques, catalysis can be used in a wide area of applications. It enables AddCat to develop a broad air cleaning technique with cost and process advantages compared to regular / available catalytic oxidation techniques.

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