AddCat participates in various development projects with its partners. On this page you can find some examples.

Hycare 2.0

The aim of this project is to improve the health of pigs by optimizing their living environment, with a focus on air quality and the quality of drinking water. Moreover, by applying existing .RFID technologies, data regarding animal health (including antibiotic use) and living environment can be registered. Ammonia and odor emissions are reduced by applying a combination of techniques, including those of AddCat. In this POP3 project, supported by EAFPO and the province of Noord-Brabant, AddCat works together with MS Schippers and Seratech

Methane reduction

In this MIT feasibility study, it is investigated whether the AddCat catalytic oxidation reactor can be used to reduce methane emissions, for example from intensive livestock farming. Methane is a very strong greenhouse gas (approx. 27 times stronger than CO2). This contributes to global warming, which causes major problems worldwide, but certainly in the Netherlands as well. AddCat can thus contribute to lowering the negative effects of greenhouse gases.

Odoo • Tekst en afbeelding
Odoo + afbeelding en tekst

Improving air quality in livestock farming for better human and animal health

With this project, the project partners (AddCat and De Schippers group) want to reduce emissions of odors (including ammonia) and methane from pigsys through a combined approach of source-oriented and end-of-pipe measures. At the source, additives for both drinking water and manure are examined for improved air quality in the shed. The remaining unwanted emissions are tackled via an innovative catalytic system that is combined with an adsorption step. This is how we are working on a better climate for animals and humans.