AddCat integrates the power of catalysis with state-of-the-art 3D print technology 
This results in groundbreaking technical possibilities in catalysis


Founded in 2019, AddCat is a thriving, innovative start-up company in the high-tech sector of the Netherlands. AddCat combines additive manufacturing with catalytic oxidation and provides new reactor technologies tailored for air purification processes. With years of prior experience in the field, AddCat is a lead player in additive catalysis with a strong IP position.

AddCat strives for a cleaner and greener world, free from harmful industrial emissions and disturbing odors. We want to have a major positive impact on a sustainable and healthy living environment in which industry, agriculture and citizens can coexist in perfect harmony and in good health.

We are actively looking for partners to test, demonstrate and develop new projects. We’d like to get in touch with interested companies, educational institutions, trade associations or other organizations from all sectors of the air purification industry.

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